About Us

Domestic violence or abuse comes in many forms. It can be a slap, a beating, verbal abuse or living in a humiliating environment.

Nofotane is a Samoan term labelling women who live with their husband's family or village. These women face all kinds of abuse because of their status as Nofotane.

The Nofotane project under Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) is to empower these women so that they can have financial independence and with that comes an elevated status in their homes so that they are free themselves from the cycle of poverty leading to domestic abuse or violence. 

The products you see in this website are made by The Nofotane women who choose to help themselves and fight their way out of poverty or domestic abuse. By putting up their hands to be part of this project they are saying "It is enough".

They want to empower themselves by using the skills they have learned under SVSG programmes to provide financial stability for themselves and their families. 

Help us, Help them!!!

Reward these women for the courage they have shown by buying directly from The Nofotane.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your support.