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One of our SVSG Samoa Government Funding project engaging parents of child vendors in a Positive Discipline Parenting programme, moved to livelihood training facilitated and led by one of our experienced Nofotane trainer making seis. This was a training requested by the parents to earn extra money by learning to make handicrafts.
During the start of the 16 days of Activism, our SVSG Juniors followed up with these parents and former child vendors on their progress from their programme. At Coin Save at Vaitele, you will find Sina Esene a 40 year old mother from Toamua selling her handmade seis. Her 12 year old son used to be a child vendor but with assistance by the Government funded project, led by SVSG Juniors her 12 year old son is now attending Year 6 at Saina and Toamua Primary School. Sina Esene was one of the parents that were trained by our experienced Nofotane trainer to make beautiful and colourful seis that can be sold very quickly. She makes a profit of $100 per day selling her handmade goods.
This is a wonderful example of women empowerment, addressing gender based violence against women and children, but also find solutions that work and ensure success in protecting our children. #WomenEmpower #FortheFamily #SupportingOurParents #TrainedbyANofotane #GovernmentFunded

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