Soloau Tui

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Soloau is a mother of 5 and was taught how to weave by her grandmother. However, she only ever made fine mats for the purpose of using it in traditional ceremonies such as weddings or funerals, so it was not something she considered as a business opportunity.

Instead, Solau and her family sold coconutswhich they picked from the plantation every day. Life was very difficult for her and her family back then; her greatest struggle was being able to support her five children. When the Nofotane Program was introduced in her village in 2018, she was inspired by the stories that were shared by the other women.

The program mobilized her to turn her weaving skills into a profitable business. Soloau is now generating a stable income and is able to support her children’s education while contributing to family fa’alavelaves and church offerings.

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