Matile Alapati

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Matile is a 21 year old mother of Falevao. She shares on her mother’s legacy of hard work that speaks well into her future today.  Sadly, Matile’s mother, the late Alisa Sani Faamatuainu passed away. Alisa was a Nofotane woman from Aufaga, who stayed on at her husband’s family at Faleavao and looked after their 9 children even after her husband had passed.  When the Nofotane Program came to Falevao in 2018, Alisa was one of the star earners, mastering the art of design and fabric painting which she utilized as her main income.

According to Matile, “I consented to tell my story to honor my dearest mother and to inspire other young women like me to learn from your mothers while you have the chance.” Matile is continuing the family business of designing and fabric painting with most of their products being sold at the SNPF Plaza, earning $400 - $500 a week.  “Despite my parents passing, I am grateful that my mother taught me the value of hard work and the skills to be self employed, which now enables me to support my siblings education and raise my own young family.”

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