Luaipou Talau

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Luaipou Talau of Samauga in Upolu a mother of 7 children, now a Nofotane woman of Taga.  Prior to joining the Nofotane Program, she used to collect 100 coconuts and sold them for $10.00.  It was a hard life as she struggled to provide for her family’s wellbeing, put her children to school, and attend to their medication when they are sick, while contributing to the village and church matters.  Luaipou learnt commercial cooking during SVSG’s livelihood training in 2017 and she is now supplying the school canteen with a variety of bakery products. 

In addition, she had recently tried handicraft and is also selling woven hats and bags around the village and nearby ones.  Luaipou’s story is one of the many stories of change shared during the workshop at Taga.  According to Luaipou, “from working hard to working smart, I am not only enjoying life as a self-employed Nofotane woman, but most importantly for me, I am now spending more quality time with my immediate family.” 

The measure of Luaipou’s success is therefore the quality time now spent with her husband and children. The peaceful and happy households were what she used to long for, which she is now enjoying thanks to the confidence brought about by being empowered.


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