Lesina Saumani

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Lesina is a 46 year old  mother of 4 (2 older children working overseas and 2 younger ones attending school in Samoa), from Laulii.  
Lesina is one of the Star Earners of the Nofotane Program, an initiative by Samoa Victim Support Group since 2016, to address violence against women, through economic empowerment.
It has been 10 years now since Lesina walked away from a violent relationship with her husband, and returned home.
Lesina knew that she needed a plan to ensure that her 4 children and an elderly mother are cared for.
Putting her weaving skills into practice, Lesina started weaving different handicrafts. Soon, she opened a stall at the flea market at Fugalei. Income was steady, but it went straight into living expenses. Savings was not in Lesina’s vocabulary at the time.
When Lesina joined the Nofotane Program in 2018, she learned the basics in financial literacy and product development.
From there onwards, Lesina had opened a Savings Account with the Samoa Commercial Bank. She is now more creative with her products and have learnt to meet target dates for overseas orders received through SVSG.
As an empowered woman, Lesina wish to share her story to encourage and inspire other women out there, especially those living in fear of violence.

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