Lapuloa Ioane

Posted by Julie Ah-Ken on

“I dreamt of becoming a Policewoman in the future” recalls the 26 year old Lapuloa Ioane of Levi Saleimoa.
“Unfortunately, I got pregnant while I was still in school and I gave up on my dream to raise a child. As a single mother, it was really hard. Knowing that I was a burden to my family, and then my child becomes an added burden, was emotionally stressful. I attended the Nofotane Program by Samoa Victim Support in 2018 and learnt how to make pork buns. From then onwards, I have been financially stabled; I am more confident, and I have shared this skill with my relatives, so that they too can develop their families. I am proud to say that I managed to develop my own family with my earnings.”

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