Asomaliu Fulitua

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The story of the 35 year old Asomaliu Fulitua of Toamua resonates the economic and social empowerment that Lapuloa Ioane has gained through the Nofotane Program.
Asomaliu is not a television presenter. She is a self-employed Nofotane woman who has earned a living from printing designed elei on fabric materials and even on the seis she creates. With her husband as the sole breadwinner of the family, his earnings could barely cater for the family needs, including their children’s education and medication.
Asomaliu’s participation in the Nofotane Program in 2018 introduced her to life as a business woman.
Despite starting small, experiencing with how she mixed the different colours for the fabric elei printing, the seed of hope has been planted.
She then sought her husband’s assistance to draw up different designs for her fabric printing, something her husband gladly supported Asomaliu with.
According to Asomaliu “With my nagging, I was able to convince my husband to revive his talent as an artist, to help me create flower ornaments (sei) from rubber materials.”
What started as a sole business venture by Asomaliu has turned into a partnership with her husband, attracting customers to the couple’s colourful creations.

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